Monday, 22 September 2014

Chromebooks Aren't The Way To Go ( neither are blogs)

So we dive deep down into Seth's Sad emotional mush at the bottom of a hate against Chromebook. 

So it wasn't my first and final post, because I desperately need to get my word out about why I hate the idea of Chromebooks/ Blogs, but mainly Chromebooks.

No way do we need to get. It is the deadly dawn of dumb ideas. Trying to learn from the teacher is ten times faster than going to 10 different sites on a slow internet connection trying to find some answer that doesn't remotely relate to the topic.
Now the first thing that annoyed me was when Mrs Patterson advertised the idea of Chromebooks to us. She said "it's only $5 a week for the next 3 years. As if the school doesn't demand enough from the working class family already. But the way how I interpreted  was that the school is encouraging us to get loans so we can get big loans when we are older. Yep, the school loves the fact of teaching us to get big  audits and debt's when we grow into computer geek's.

Now People Seth's Special accountant advice will come in handy when you're deciding between buying a $20 smartphone from the warehouse or a $500 laptop  from a shady website.I mean the smartphone has way more memory than the laptop and can do way more things without internet. So you decide what's the better option. Write in the Comment box below.
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And Chromebooks are like 4 years old that's like (as said on Kaleb's Blog) Is like 201 billion years old in tech years. So that means by the time you've payed off the debt it will be about as worthless as the New Zealand All Whites. The Rest of the 59 other countries probably don't even have soccer teams. Their best player is like 35. Anyway if you buy a Chromebook which I Strongly do not recommend doing good luck using an unfunctional complicated cheaply made over priced piece of tech provided you have internet. 

Yeah that's right you need internet. Otherwise it's as useful as Dora The Explorer trying to find swyper. It's behind you. I've told you that 10 thousand times. Why won't you listen to me? 

Anyway if you buy a Chromebook good luck using a stone age piece of technology. You'll definitely need it. 

Your's Sincerely
Seth The Beast

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  1. I agree with you Seth. Cromebooks are not the way to go. Why spend $400 on a web browser???? You are better off spending that little bit extra and getting a windows 8.1 laptop with a 15 inch screen that can do everything........