Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Schoolboy suspended for not obeying school rules.

Back in November, a school boy didn't cut his hair and went on One News for it. On top of that it wasn't just on One News for a 30 seconds or so. It was the HEADLINE.

The Story was that a 16 year-old from somewhere in the north island was suspended, for not cutting his hair when he was asked to several times. Yes he was being extremely annoying to the staff at his school but a 2 week suspension might of been just a bit harsh. When you think about it, most girls have longer hair, but do they get suspended for it? No. But gender inequality is not the reason of this post. The reason of this post is simple. Why does New Zealand news always have to be so boring?

One day it was about berms in Auckland (which are the strips of grass in front of your house.) Next it was people losing 30% of the battery on their Macbooks. In Auckland. And then just a few days ago Cadburys reduced the size of their chocolate bars. Like obesity in New Zealand isn't already a problem.

And it isn't just on One News. It's in every single copy of the Waitaki Herald. Forester Art Gallery getting new wooden floors. Oamaru family to get a new LED reindeer for this year Christmas celebrations. And I know we are a small town in a small country in a small continent. But Waitaki Herald please just, try a little harder.

The point is, is that if New Zealand has Lydia Ko, Lorde, the All Blacks, The Lord of the Rings and 60 million sheep, but the biggest headline is this guys hair.

Thanks for reading this and have a good one;)


  1. A very well written persuasive text Seth with lots of examples.

  2. An interesting piece of writing that certainly stimulates discussion and thoughts around media coverage in NZ and locally. After living in England and Holland for several years and experiencing the breadth of national news and events reported in these countries,it was a huge adjustment to be faced with NZ news stories. There again, it is easy to sit back and make comment. Perhaps it is a challenge that you could take on Seth in your own reporting capacity.