Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The life of Jesus was a lot different than our life, which isn’t very surprising. Here is what the jobs, housing and political situation was like in Jesus’s time.


When Jesus was alive Palestine was under Roman rule. To keep the empire going the Romans decided that higher taxes was the way to go. There was 4 parties. The Pharisees, who were like Labour; Sadducees, who were like national; Essenses, who were like the Greens and the Zealot’s, kinda like the Spartans. It was basically a dictatorship. The Jews didn’t like the Romans, because they were cruel and unfair. The roman empire was at it’s highest and was ruled Augustus Caesar and Tiberius Caesar.

In Jesus’s time there was 4 types of jobs, Powerful Jobs, Trade Jobs, Unskilled jobs and Slaves.
The powerful jobs were political, religious and military jobs.
The trade jobs were fishermen, farmers, shepherds and carpenters.
Miners and servants were unskilled.
And then there’s slaves.

Poor people’s houses were normally one room and had earth as their floor. The roof was very important. It was made of wood and was used as a balcony. They were designed for collecting rainwater. The only furniture in a house would be chests and mats. They didn’t have kitchens and every house had a bath. The toilet was just an outhouse. They had neither lights nor heating. And only the rich had plumbing.

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  1. What great detailed research Seth and good idea to use subheadings to structure your information.