Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Magic School Bus
This is a magic school bus trip gone horribly wrong.
They went to the amazon and a native tribe thought they were aliens.
They are now being cooked on a stake. But lets go back in time when they were still alive.

‘I wonder what Miss Frizzle has planned for us today.’ Said Jake
‘Probably going back to the future again.’ Said Amy
‘Good morning class.’ Said Miss Frizzle. “ Today we are going to the amazon to see how humans are destroying our world’
‘I wanna see loggers’
‘I wanna see animals habitat being ruined.’
‘Am I the only one shocked by this.’
‘ All aboard the magic school bus.’

Zap! The class was magically teleported to the amazon.
‘Hey, I think I see a native tribe.’ Said Miss Frizzle. ‘ Lets go and investigate.’

My goal in this was to use better words and better grammar.

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