Sunday, 14 June 2015

Lord of the flies

Lord of the flies is a book about society and how bad it can get. It has betrayal, death and false beliefs. A gripping piece of art made Sir William Golding after his experiences with the 2 world wars. He had seen that basic human order, Good Teachings, Logic and human right’s are ditched when put in a do or die situation, due to selfishness, desperateness and Power. With that out of the way lord of the flies is an extremely well written masterpiece that shows the life of a bunch of school children aged between 6 and 12, and mainly follows the struggles of Ralph, the original leader of the island, and his time on the island. The basis of the story follows two groups of kids. The School Choir, a bunch of ignorant blood-thirsty hunters. And the rest, who “attempt” to follow basic rules and Logic of a modern Society.

This book is brilliant , yet at some times scary. But also thrilling, and freakishly accurate at the same time. Brilliant story and a brilliant writer. 9.8/10

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