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Lord of the flies

Lord of the flies.

Chapter 1:
In this chapter we learn about ralph, piggy, jack and his choir. Piggy is a fat fellow who gets diarrhea and asthma. Ralph is a guy who’s dad is in the navy. And jack can sing a d-sharp.They (Ralph and Piggy) find a lagoon. They go swimming in the lagoon and jack finds a conch shell the blow on it and all the boys come from the woods. They elect Ralph as Leader and he sets jobs for the choir (the hunters.) Then Ralph elects himself, jack and another boy to explore So-called at this point, Island.

This was a good gripping chapter.

Chapter 2:
A shorter chapter. Ralph comes up with the idea to start a signal fire, which goes wrong, as in they burn a good portion of the island. THey suspect that a kid died in the fire, because he went missing at the time of the fire. Piggy throws a tantrum because they used his glasses to start the fire and because they weren’t obeying the rules that they made up.

Just like the first chapter, wanna read more.

Chapter 3:

The Chapter starts off with jack failing. He gets back to a failed hut. Simon failed when he was building the hut and then ralph complains to jack for instead of helping with the failed huts he failed at killing a pig. Then ralph, annoyed at jack begins to have an irrelevant argument. Then simon finds a place in the jungle.

Unlike the first two chapters, this wasn’t a very relevant chapter.

Chapter 4:
The chapter starts with roger bullying little kids. Then jack comes by and brings roger to a small pool, where samneric and bill were already. He then puts on some makeup and thinks it's gonna help with hunting. Meanwhile Ralph piggy and a few others were at the lagoon. And how piggy has a dumb idea that he should make a sundial.
Useless chapter

Chapter 5:
Ralph wants to have a meeting and that it's not going to be fun. He talks about the lack of water, poor housing and how he had thought they needed a lavatory, how the beast was fake, how fire was more important than hunting, and how, according to the little kids, the beast lives in the water. Then everyone starts panicking, hell breaks loose at the assembly and at the end of it, Ralph resigns as captain, and piggy says how childish they are all being.

An important chapter.

Chapter 6:
The chapter starts off with a dog fight occurring just above the island. Samneric, in charge of fire, let it go out. They see the man on the top of the mountain and they run back to camp with their tails between their legs saying they've seen the beast. Ralph calls for an urgent meeting discussing the beast. They fight (again), and end up deciding to explore the rest of the island. After exploring the island they will relight the fire. Simon doesn't think it exists Ralph is given leadership again.
3.5 stars

Chapter 7:
Ralph day dreams of 'Home' and is woken up by a charging pig. Ralph throws a spear at it. Ralph doesn't hate the hunters anymore, because he liked hurting the pig. Ralph jack and roger  go up the mountain to look for the so-called beast. Then Ralph realises how much he hates jack. They see the dead body of the pilot and they think it's the beast. So they run back to camp with their tails between their legs.

Chapter 8:
They are all very scared of the dead pilot so they have an urgent meeting. Jack doesn't like the choice of leadership so he runs away from the camp with most of his choir members. The choir then violently kills a pig. They want to have a feast but they realise they don't have any fire, so they steal it from Ralph's group of people. Meanwhile Simon is at his secret place having hallucinations due to his sheer thirst.

Important chapter.

Chapter 9:
Simon awakes from his hallucinations. He then oddly decides to check out the "Beast." He then notices that it is just a dead pilot. He vomits at the sight of a dead person. Then overjoyed that the beast isn't real, walks down the mountain to tell the others. Meanwhile most of Ralph's group is at the choirs party besides Ralph and piggy. Then Ralph and piggy join in with jacks chaotic and evil dance and chanting circles. Jack leads like a total dictator. But while everyone is in the dance circle, Simon was being as normal as the average joe. But then at jack's mad man party they talk about killing Simon then they kill him.

Gr8 m8,8/8

Chapter 10:
Jack's group beats up a boy called Willard, they attack Ralph's tribe and steal Piggy's glasses.

Below average, I've read better.

Chapter 11: The 4 boys call a meeting discussing the glasses. They go over to jack's group and ask for the glasses. They fight with spears this time and Roger throws a rock at piggy, killing him. Ralph and Samneric run back to the forest.

This chapter actually scared me.

Chapter 12:
Samneric were forced to join jack’s group and they tell ralph to run because jack and his group are going to kill him. The group set fire to the island to try and kill him. He runs to the beach to beg for mercy. A naval officer comes to him asking about what happened. They saw the fire and came to the island. And they all begin to weep about the loss of Simon and Piggy.

Entire Book:

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