Sunday, 14 June 2015


By Seth & Duran

Over the past four weeks, We have been growing, researching and presenting the power of weeds.
Weed’s are normally classified as “Unwanted Plants,”
Meaning that the gardener does not want them in their garden. Weed’s have been around since Man
Started gardening. Weed’s normally choke plants from sunlight, drain the soil of nutrients and also ruin the overall product. There are thousands of weed’s out there but we decided to focus on the the very common and very annoying stinging nettle.

How have weeds survived for so long?

Weeds change the course of growth for good plants because they drain the soil of nutrients and choke the wanted plants. Weeds grow extremely quickly and can do so when there are what we call “ungrowable conditions.” These are ungrowable conditions for wanted plants, such as a drought or heavy rainfall. They are resistant to some diseases and pests. And in some cases, sheep and cows can’t eat them. And when it comes to stinging nettle, most living organisms don’t want to touch it.

What we did?
What we did with the plants was that we went to the Junior School garden and used some of their soil to put into some plant pots.We found a stinging nettle from the garden and Seth got another one plus a Pak Choy, Otherwise known as a chinese cabbage. We brought the plants up stairs and put it by the window so it would get sun. We water them every monday and thursday.

So what we have found is that weeds have a better ability to grow due to their genes and since wanted plants have been cared and nurtured for they have become more pathetic and are worse at growing.

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