Saturday, 27 June 2015

Today I wrote my project

Today I wrote out my project. And this is it.

Members of the jury; I would like to present some evidence about law, lawyers and how the courtroom works.
I will show you the stages of a court case, the differences between lawyers, and what different sort of things lawyers can do.

Difference between  lawyers

Barristers work inside the court, and wear gowns and wigs, whereas solicitors are more personal lawyers. Solicitors work in lower levels of court if any, because they are primarily “desk  jockeys.”  Barristers work at high levels of court and normally have a better knowledge of the legal system. Both give legal advice to clients and both have to have a good ability to think on their  feet. But then judges have an extremely good knowledge of the law, and rule the courtroom trial.

The stages of a court trial:
  1. Jury swear oaths
  2. Lawyer presents opening statements
  3. Witnesses are called to present evidence
  4. Lawyers try to disprove witnesses with evidence that is in favour of defendant
  5. Closing arguments made
  6. Jury is retired to gather verdict
  7. Jury delivers verdict
  8. If guilty defendant will be charged with the crime and will be punished
Specific lawyers:
Here is a list of  task-specific lawyers:
Different Types Of Lawyers:
  • Bankruptcy lawyer-Money Problems
  • Corporate Law Attorney- Helps businesses with its law problem’s, large businesses have teams of lawyers
  • Criminal Defence Attorney- Works with criminals and people with unpaid fines.
  • DUI/DWI Attorney- Drunk or High Driving
  • Civil Rights Attorney- Human, Gay and voting rights
  • Employment Lawyer- Employees rights, abuse at the office
  • Environmental Lawyer- Works with Bad Property, Mistreatment of the earth
  • Estate Lawyer- Wills, trusts etc

  • Family Lawyer- Works with divorce, adoption and child
  • Government Lawyers- Works with the government
  • Immigration Lawyer: Citizenship
  • Military Lawyer: Work with Veterans and Rights of the Military
  • Paralegals: Help give easy access to legal aid
  • Injury Lawyer, includes: Back, Knee, Shoulder, Head Injury, Hearing Loss, Occupational Disease, Repetitive Stress Injury, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Burn Injury, Chronic Pain, Respiratory Illness, Depression, Anxiety, Mental Health, Toxic Injury, Amputation, Car Accidents on the Job, Construction Site Accident, Denied Workers Comp Claim, Third Party Injury
  • Property/ Real Estate Lawyer: Works with Landlords, Tenants, Change of Ownership etc
  • Public Interest Lawyers: Deals with complaints and puts them into action
  • Toxic Tort: Deals with drugs

I did this subject because I think a career as a lawyer would be great, helping the police enforce the law. An interesting, powerful career.

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