Sunday, 20 September 2015

Being A Lawyer

“As a lawyer, I have realised that people will never be able to get along with each other” -Nicky Sinclair. So, why do we need lawyers? What is family law? And how do court trials layout? Interesting fact, some lawyers will receive up to 40,000 emails a year. I am interested in law, so I researched it extensively and interviewed a real-life lawyer for extra-information. And after several weeks, here is my presentation on law.

So why do we need lawyers? It’s a puzzling question because we don’t “technically” need them. But we need lawyers because they have a complex-understanding of the law. Lawyers know how to present a case and know how to win won. Lawyers have been specially trained to give you the cutting-edge in your court case. And although they may charge $90 an hour, a lawyer may be the difference between 25 years in the big house or 25 years in a nice house.

Now you may be wondering; what is family law? But before that you need to understand that there are many different subcategories of law eg: Criminal, Environmental and Corporate Law. One of those is Family Law.  People that specialize in family law are people that want to help those with domestic violence issues, those with struggling marriages, those associated with women's refuge and those with custody issues. So family law goes under the depressing umbrella of family issues.

Finally we’re up to the court trial. The trial starts with everybody swearing their oaths (Swear to tell the truth…) Then the prosecuting side delivers the opening case ie: “This man should be charged with child abuse.” Then the defence delivers their argument ie: “This man shouldn’t be charged with child abuse.” After that the evidence is brought forward. This can include witnesses, weapons and CCTV footage. The lawyers will try to disprove the evidence in favour of their defendant. After this the lawyers make their closing statements and the jury is retired to decide a verdict. The jury spokesman delivers the verdict to the courtroom and the judge decides the sentence.

So that is why I want to be a lawyer. It would be very fun meeting new people, speaking in front of courtrooms and be given the opportunity to think of clever loopholes and ideas for your case. And don’t forget the pay. Graduate lawyers get paid approx $65,000 a year whereas senior lawyers get paid $150,000. So after hearing this, don’t you want to become a lawyer to. As a wise man said “ The greatest law is the good of the people” -Marcus Tullius Cicero

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