Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Commercialization In Christmas

The “Image” of Christmas
November the 1st. A normal day for most, except the Shop-Owners. Halloween’s just over, so give us a break. I don’t want to think about buying a novelty gift for Aunt Clara and Uncle Sam for Christmas. The meaning of Christmas is gone thanks to The Warehouse wanting us to get a bargain for Christmas. So please, stop the commercialization

The Present’s:

Present’s have become apart of Christmas. Why? Why I Ask? We are all guilty of it. It’s because the presents are the most exciting part of Christmas. Thanks to all the Super Stores cunning ideas, now if you DON’T give presents, it’s a bad thing.  And since we give presents nowadays, we forget about the true meaning of the 25th of December.

Money over Christmas:

The problem with Christmas nowadays is that stores don’t see the value of Christmas. The only things stores think about is the money. They factor in all the qualities of Christmas in their advertisements, But that’s all. And if it doesn’t sell, they’ll just create another sale [Boxing Day] so that they do it.

The Real-Meaning:
We all know the real meaning of Christmas. But do you spend Christmas praying or unwrapping presents. For most people it’s not about Jesus, It’s about the presents. So why is it not about Jesus. It’s because the media has told that it’s about waking up early, getting gifts from Santa, opening your own gifts, driving down to the beach with your family, going for a swim, having a picnic and playing a game of beach cricket. You didn’t hear Jesus in that last sentence did you.

So this Christmas, just dedicate a little bit of time to Jesus. Sure it’s fine to open a couple of presents, but just remember what it’s all about.

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